How to take care of your dog or puppy

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This guidebook provides helpful practical information for responding to the daily tasks and responsibilities of having and taking care of a dog. Here are just a few of the many questions answered in the book:

  • As well as choosing a breed that is a minimal shedder, do you know how to minimize problems of allergy to dog hair? (p.3)
  • What is an unexpected benefit that spaying or neutering can have for your male dog? (p.5)
  • If you introduce your dog to another dog, how and where should this be done? (p.9)
  • If your dog's skin is flaky or his coat is dull, how should you adjust your dog's diet? (p.10)
  • Do you know how to train your dog to follow basic commands such as "Sit", "Stay", "Come" and "Leave it"? (p. 14-15)

"A great guide...should be in the library of all dog owners...
full of useful information."
- Dr. Martin Small, DVM

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From The Book

Ch. 1 — Choosing Your Dog

Ch. 2 — Your Dog's Basic Needs

Ch. 3 — Proper Identification

Ch. 4 — Get Down on All Fours

Ch. 5 — Weekly Head-to-Tail Check-up

Ch. 6 — Leashes, Fences & Auto Safety

Ch. 7 — A Trained Dog is a Safe Dog

Ch. 8 — Food and Water

Ch. 9 — Doggie Dental Care

Ch. 10 — A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

Ch. 11 — Keeping Up Appearances

Ch. 12 — Knowing What to Do Could Save Your Dog's Life

Ch. 13 — Dealing With Death


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