How to take care of your cat or kitten

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This guidebook provides helpful practical information for responding to the daily tasks and responsibilities of having and taking care of a cat.

Here are just a few of the many questions answered in the book. The answers are found on the page number(s) indicated in brackets:

  • What is an unexpected benefit that spaying or neutering can have for your male cat? (p.5)
  • How do you properly introduce cats to make for a happy multi-cat household? (p.10)
  • How can you safely hold and calm a cat who doesn’t want this interaction to take place? (p. 11,13)
  • What nutritional ingredient is missing from tuna that your cat needs? (p.16)
  • How do you properly transition a kitten as you wean her to solid food? (p.17)

"A wealth of valuable information in clear, compact form.
Evey pet owner should have a copy."
- Dr. Liz Koskenmaki, DVM

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From The Book

Ch. 1 — Choosing The Cat Who Will Own You

Ch. 2 — You Cat's Basic Needs

Ch. 3 — Proper Identification

Ch. 4 — Creating A Safe Home For Your Cat or Kitten

Ch. 5 — Understanding and Modifying Feline Behavior

Ch. 6 — Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats

Ch. 7 — Look & Feel Your Cat Over...

Ch. 8 — Proper Nutrition

Ch. 9 — Cat Dental Care

Ch. 10 — Grooming

Ch. 11 — First Aid

Ch. 12 — Dealing with Death


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