Cat First Aid & CPR

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Without warning, tragedy can strike your cat, so YOU must know what to do. Statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death, with 9 out of 10 expected to have an emergency during their lifetime! According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), 25% more animals could be saved if just one Pet First-Aid technique was applied prior to getting Veterinary care. The most skilled Veterinarian cannot bring your cat or kitten back to life, but by knowing Pet First Aid & CPR, YOU can keep your best friend alive until you reach medical help. First-Aid techniques can also prevent pain and further injury to your cat and help you to recognize emergency situations so that professional Veterinary care can be obtained as quickly as possible.

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Review of Cat First Aid & CPR
Published by Cat Fanciers Association for December, 2015.

"Every cat owner should have at least one copy of the Cat First Aid & CPR book. Written by Denise Fleck, an animal care instructor who specializes in Pet First Aid and CPR and Caring for Senior Pets, this pocket guide is divided into sections including such topics as Checking Vitals, Birthing Difficulties, Breathing Difficulties, Poisoning, and CPR. While the information is not a substitute for medical advice, detailed information is given to the cat owner as to how to properly take care of the cat until the owner can get the cat to their veterinarian."

"This handy resource guide will help worried pet owners know when
their feline friend needs immediate medical attention - learn first aid
tips NOW before you need them."
- Dr. Paula Terrifaj, DVM

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From The Book

Ch. 1 — Your Cat's Vital Signs

Ch. 2 — Your Cat's Vital Signs Record

Ch. 3 — The Three Emergency Situations

Ch. 4 — Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Ch. 5 — When Your Cat Gives Birth

Ch. 6 — Bleeding Injuries

Ch. 7 — Choking Incidents

Ch. 8 — High-Rise Syndrome/Falls

Ch. 9 — Bites By Insects and Snakes

Ch. 10 — Intestinal Upsets

Ch. 11 — Poisoning

Ch. 12 — Rescue Breathing & CPR

Ch. 13 — Seizures, Pet First-Aid Kit **

** Includes a list of recommended first-aid items for your cat.
A Pet First-Aid Kit is not included with the guidebook
but can be purchased separately.


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